Produce hundreds of video variations.

Turn your videos into a simple template that any client or collaborator can independently edit and export.

Simplate Creator

A new way to collaborate

Select the video's editable fields to create a “Simplate” or simple template. As the admin you can now invite anyone to make changes.

A centralized collaborative video versioning platform.

Collaborate on templates with your clients directly in Simplate.

Simplate Team Structure

Real-time feedback

Streamline your review process by leaving trackable feedback for the team members creating the variations.

Globally shared assets

Universally share elements with your clients from Simplate's cloud-based asset library.

Flexible team structure

Administrators can organize by team, project or campaign. It's up to you.


Here's how it works with After Effects

Simplate Animator Toolkit

The essential ingredient for video professionals to turn their videos into easily editable Simplates.

Designed for anyone,
from art directors to interns.

No experience with complex editing software necessary.
Remove the complexity.

Batch Adjust

You made it, now sell it! Share Simplates with your clients in your own private marketplace.


Auto-populate every video with your brands, logos, fonts and colors.

Interactive Modules

As easy as drag and drop. Swap images, logos, footage and audio to quickly version your videos.

Give your clients powerful new abilities.

Automatic video generation, live data connections and more with these upcoming features.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Connect data sources

Set up a connection to any data source to drive the content of your Simplate, no matter your expertise.

Coming Soon

Live data feeds

Automatically feed live data directly into your Simplates. Set event triggers and post near real-time topical videos.

Coming Soon

Integrate Social Tools

Combine Simplate's automation capabilities with your companies social media management tool for complete automation from population to posting.

Start Creating

Expand your capabilities.
Empower your clients.

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