Produce world-class marketing videos at scale.

Simplate Empowers Anyone To Easily Create, Iterate & Automate Exceptional Video Online.

Utilizing the power of our cloud-based platform, you can have a professionally designed and animated video pushed to any social media platform literally within minutes. Create quality videos at scale without the agency.



It Starts With Design

Our curated roster of motion designer’s supply your company with video designed to stand out from the rest - on every platform.

Tailor-Made for your Brand

We’ll work with you to create promotional videos specifically for your brand that can harness the power of the Simplate platform.

No Animation Experience Required

Simplate empowers ANYONE in your organization to create effective video in minutes.



Easily Iterate

Create unlimited versions of your marketing videos to target multiple audiences and instantly export various sizes for any social media platform

Render Video in Seconds

Real time playback and video rendering in the blink of an eye, all without leaving our platform.

Simplify the Change Order Process

Eliminate the professional animator from the change order process and leverage our collaborative proofing and approval system.



Keep your Videos On Brand

Upload your logos, color palette and fonts once, to automatically populate all your videos in the future.

Automatically Import Data from Any Source

Use any data source like a webpage, api or spreadsheet to automatically populate your Simplate.

Full Automation from Creation to Posting

Schedule recurring exports with automatically updated content distributed to any social media platform.


Built for Teams

Organize your team’s hierarchy so that project owners and creators can stay on the same page.

Built for Enterprise

Unlimited seat allowance geared toward large team scalability and limitless storage capabilities of brand assets for consistency across teams.

Built for Everyone

Simplate empowers anyone to create the kind of quality animated videos once reserved for large budget brands.

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