Pure And Simple.
Video Versioning At Scale.

Turn your videos into a simple template so anyone on your team can create hundreds of variations.

Simplate Creator

Video versioning at scale

Create hundreds of variations by turning professionally built video into a simple template. We call that a Simplate.

Real-time Collaboration

A centralized platform for collaboration. Your team can adjust and give feedback in real-time from the same project.

A centralized video versioning platform for teams.

Globally share files and collaborate on templates across any sized organization directly in Simplate.

Consider it a handoff

Your video professional selects the video's editable fields. Your team makes the changes from there.

Brand kits

Save time with auto-population. Fonts, logos and colors are inserted automatically from your Brand Assets.

Flexible team structure

Administrators can organize by team, project or campaign. It's up to you.

New revenue channels

You made it, now sell it! Share Simplates with your clients in your own private marketplace.

Small change orders

Never make small last minute changes again. Let your clients sweat the small stuff.

Accessible archiving

Offer your clients new package deals for things like lifetime access to editing and exporting.

Built for Teams.
Built for Speed.

Increase your in-house marketing capacity at scale and explore new strategic possibilities.

Repurpose Projects

Repurpose Projects

Don't start from scratch. Create a new template from the original project to significantly extend its shelf life.

Globally shared assets

Globally shared assets

Universally share elements with collaborators within Simplate's cloud-based asset library.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing

Simplate makes it cost-effective to produce multiple variations of any campaign video.

Targeted Messaging

Targeted Messaging

Create new and unique message variations within your hero marketing videos, all in-house.

Unrivaled versioning power. Set it and forget it.

Automatic video generation, live data connections and more with these upcoming features.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Integrate social tools

Combine Simplate's automation capabilities with your favored social media management tool for complete automation from population to posting.

Coming Soon

Live data feeds

Set up a connection to any data source to drive the content of your template, no matter your expertise. Set event triggers and post near real-time topical videos.

Coming Soon

Public Marketplace

A new passive income channel for every artist looking for independence. We will provide everything you need to produce quality video templates that sell.

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